Agency Tools

Set up tracking and dashboards in minutes instead of hours, increase customer loyalty by offering them access to beautifully designed dashboards with your branding
✓ Whitelabel-ed to your brand
✓ Control over your customers' experience
✓ Runs on your domain

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What makes Funnelll
a great Agency tool

No-Code event tracking
and distribution

No more waiting on developers. Add the Funnelll code to your websites to automatically track page views, clicks, and scrolls or set up tracking visually on your website using our point-and-click interface

Unique To Funnelll
  • Automatically tracks all customer actions
  • 2 Clicks to distribute events to Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads and others
No-code tracking
Channel Performance

Whitelabel-ed for your

Improve your brand and increase customer loyalty by giving them access to some of the most intuitive and beautifully designed dashboards in the industry

Unique To Funnelll
  • Use your own domain to serve the tracking code without having to host it on your servers
  • Use branded invitation emails, registration, login, and dashboards, all running on your domain
  • Control which dashboards to show to your customers, add your margins to the ad spend, and more

Give your customers the answers they are looking for
in plain English

Engage your customers by allowing them to get the answers they are looking for through your portal, with supporting data just a click away

Unique To Funnelll
  • Answer questions about how likely customers with certain attributes like actions, channels, campaigns, or locations to convert
  • Answers are updated automatically every time your customers view them
No-code tracking
Don't break the bank to offer your customers more
Add Funnelll's Agency Tools Add-on (priced separately from base plans)
Agency Tools & Whitelabeling
Whitelabel Funnelll to offer your customers your branded login/registration pages and dashboards on your own domain all the way to the Funnelll tracking script
$20 / Month
$200 / Year 2 Free Months