Improve the accuracy and performance of your Facebook Pixel & Ads

Say goodbye to spending long hours writing tracking code and losing money over inaccurate attribution and missing data

Mitigate iOS 14+ issues and improve the attribution of your Facebook Ads with Funnelll

Facebook Integration
Over 2,000 Founders and Marketers get Better Results with Funnelll
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No-code tracking

Set Up Facebook Event Tracking Visually on Your Website, No Coding Needed

Add the Funnelll code to your website to install Facebook Pixel and track meaningful actions customers take on your website

  • Tracks Client-Side (Pixel) and Server-Side (CAPI)
  • Easy GDPR compliance with Axeptio
  • Automatic mitigation for iOS 14+

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Auto-tag your ads

Get Better Visibility To Your Facebook Ads' Performance

Ever had to manually tag every URL for your ads? With Funnelll, add UTM Tags to all your Facebook ads with a simple swipe

Show your Facebook Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Ad details in Google Analytics and Funnelll to get better visibility on their performance

Autotag Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Performance

Easy to use dashboards

Identify Performing and Non-performing Ads At a Glance

Funnelll makes it easy to identify winning and losing campaigns so you can double down on what works and cut everything else

Ask questions in natural language, get answers and insights on your marketing performance with supporting data and dashboards just a click away

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Chris @ Digital Beacon
Chris Tucker, Business Development @ Digital Beacon

Unreliable reporting has always been one of the biggest challenges we had with Facebook. Funnelll helps us keep a laser-focus on how we spend our marketing budget allowing us to deliver even better results for our customers

Getting Started is Easy

✓ Free Forever Plan, No Credit Card Needed
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Get More Out of Facebook
Ads with Funnelll

Funnelll gives your Facebook Ads account the enterprise features it needs

Tag Management

Add Facebook tracking, and your other pixels to your website or use our backend tracking with your existing installation

No-code Tracking

Track customer events and conversions without needing technical resources to add additional code to your website

Low Overhead

Tiny tracking code (<65kb), performs on all browsers and devices, served from a data center closest to your customers

Rich Integrations

Merge data from Facebook Ads with your marketing stack like Google Analytics and Ads

Distribute Data

2 Clicks to send your Google Analytics events to Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, Slack, and more

Rich Insights

Funnelll helps you focus on the right things through rich insights and intuitive dashboards

Leverage Data Across Your Favorite Marketing and Ad Platforms

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Send tracking data to Universal Analytics (UA) / GA4 properties and import historical data

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Google Ads

Google Ads

Send tracking data to Google Ads, view spend and campaign performance data in Funnelll

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Facebook Pixel & Ads


Send tracking data to Facebook (Pixel / CAPI), view spend and performance data in Funnelll

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Google Search

Organic Search

Reveal the Google organic search keywords for customers at every stage of their journeys

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Quora Ads

Send tracking data to Quora to run Ads targeted towards increasing conversions and sales

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Capterra PPC

Send tracking data to Capterra and get visibility on how to improve your PPC campaigns

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Get notifications via Slack when users take certain actions on your website

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Add Hotjar to monitor user experiences with session recordings and heatmaps and turn your visitors to customers

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And More

New integrations added monthly

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